What are Intergenerational projects?


Intergenerational projects are designed to bring younger and older generations together to share experiences, break down barriers and allow each group to understand the other a little better.


Full details of the projects can be found on the Background page.




Here is the latest homework for the project.


Homework for Tuesday 23rd October


You have to complete a short survey.  It will take only a couple of minutes.

Click on the link below.





This will take you to the survey.

Your results will come automatically to us.


Extra: It would also be great if you could speak to an older person and get them to complete one of the quizzes on this page or send a memory or a photo to info@byt.davidjbisset.co.uk


Some memories

  • My mum remembers measuring icicles that we're hanging from her classroom windows in the horsey huts, they were huge.
  • Gran used to walk miles to and from the school.
  • School teachers were very strict and children who didn't do as they were told got punished by being hit with a belt or a ruler. We had milk to drink at lunch times in a little carton, and had semolina for pudding. 
  • My mum had a full school uniform, even underpants and socks.
  • We used to get a wee bottle of milk everyday - it was sometimes warm.  I remember the chalk board - sometimes the teacher would throw the wooden at me.
  • We had our own desk with a lid on it.



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I Mind O' That

Welcome to the DUNS 

Intergenerational Project


For the past 5 weeks, the primary 5 pupils from Duns Primary School have been meeting with some older local residents and collecting stories and memories of what life was like 50 or 60 years ago.  

They have also been working with two drama workers from Borders Youth Theatre (BYT), learning some drama skills.

The young people will spend the next few weeks using the information they have gathered to create a new piece of theatre which will be shown in a performance for the community in Duns Primary School on Thursday 22nd November at 1.30pm


Further details will appear here.


We still are happy to hear from older residents from the surrounding community.  If you were at school (not necessarily in Duns) in the 1940s, 1950s or 1960s, we would love to hear your experiences and stories.  E-mail your stories to info@byt.davidjbisset.co.uk or call Bisset on 07773977567


How else can you take part?


Were you at school in the 1960s, 1950s or earlier?

If so, we would love for you to tell us what life was like.  E-mail your stories to info@byt.davidjbisset.co.uk


You can complete our on-line survey - it only takes a few minutes.  Just click HERE.


You can help any young people you know with their research.


You can send us pictures (or lend us pictures which we can copy).  Just send them to info@byt.davidjbisset.co.uk 


This project is supported by a grant from the Blackhill Windfarm Community Fund organised through Foundation Scotland.  We are very grateful for their support.


In the Intergenerational Projects we collect memories and stories from the past to let young people understand a little of life then.

We also hope that the older people will learn a bit about life as a young person in 2018.



Watch this space



This space is reserved for all your memories, stories and pictures.


You send them to info@byt.davidjbisset.co.uk


and we'll post them here.

How much do you know about the 1950s and 1960s?

Test yourself with these short quizzes.

Just click on the link


1950s Quiz


1960s Quiz


Hope you are having fun with the quizzes

Linton Primary School 1936

Who do you recognise? - let us know at 



We have had a number of people completing the on-line survey - thanks.  We'd love to have lots more.


We'll add some of the comments people make here.


Biggest change at school:

colourful classrooms

allowed to go to toilet and toilets inside!


Favourite food as a child:

Mince and tatties always a favourite


Biggest change at home:

no electricity so no fridge, computer, washer

no shower - tin bath in front of the fire

everyone sat in the only heated room


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