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Welcome to the FUNKY Intergen Project


FUNKY? - that's FUN at Kirkhope and Yarrow


The most recent Intergenerational Project involved communities at Kirkhope and Yarrow.

It took place over the Autumn Term starting in late August 2017.


Two drama workers from Borders Youth Theatre (BYT) worked with the pupils at both primary schools.


This ended in a great performance at Yarrow Village Hall

Thanks to everyone involved.



We are still happy to receive memories, photos and comments about life in Ettrick and Yarrow valleys 50 or more years ago.

Just email to




We worked with the young people in Kirkhope and Yarrow Primary Schools and had six meetings where the young people met older residents and quizzed them about life 50 or so years ago.


The young people then selected the 'stories' they like best and created sketches to illustrate them.


We have had a great response from the older residents 


We had a great final presentation in Yarrow Village Hall on Wednesday 25th October at 1.30pm with all the pupils involved.

We are particularly grateful to local resident Ruth Tempest who wrote a lovely song for us.



This project was supported by a grant from the Langhope Rig Community Fund organised through Foundation Scotland.  We are very grateful for their support.


Kirkhope Primary School around 1953

Who do you recognise? - let us know at


And this is pupils from Kirkhope and Yarrow Primary Schools performing in Yarrow Village Hall in October 2017


I Mind O' That ....

One of our older people remembers the smell of coffee when she went to a local Kardomah Café in Derby.

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